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Leave The Pack Behind’s mission is to inspire young adults to live their best life smoke-free! Our energetic team is fueled by passion, commitment, and determination to help Ontario young adults quit smoking, cut back or stay smoke-free. Join our Social Change Specialist team to lead this movement in your community.


Our Social Change Specialists join us to…


Make a difference… “The best part about working at Leave The Pack Behind is knowing what you brought to the table has contributed to something greater than yourself. Leave The Pack Behind gives me the opportunity to be part of something meaningful. If you want to be part of this growing movement, I highly recommend that you join today.”

Social Change Specialist, Queens University



Pursue their passion… “I love working for Leave The Pack Behind… Knowing that I am getting paid to do something that I love is really important to me. There are also so many learning experiences… Why wouldn’t you want to work for Leave The Pack Behind?”

Social Change Specialist, University of Toronto




Change lives… “My grandfather was a regular smoker who died at a young age of cancer, and I know situations like this can be prevented. …If we can get young adults to cut back or quit tobacco use, their future will be more promising.”

Social Change Specialist, Queens University