Why LTPB Exists

More young adults smoke than any other age group1 20% (20-24 years olds) vs. 16% (all age groups 15+ years old)

Up to 1 in 4 smokers have their first cigarette after the age of 182

Young adulthood is a stressful time, which may increase the risk of smoking3-5

Most young adult smokers say they want to quit6-8

Quitting before the age of 30 can eliminate the increased risk for cancer, heart disease, and other tobacco-related illnesses9

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Our Mission

Leave The Pack Behind advocates for smoke free campuses and communities, where all smokers are politely and effectively supported to quit, and non-smokers are respectfully discouraged from taking up any tobacco/nicotine product.

Leave The Pack Behind goals & objectives are to:

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Measuring Our Impact

research_evidence-based A key part of Leave The Pack Behind is evaluation & research which supports and enhances our social marketing campaigns and interventions through the process including development, tracking, and monitoring outcomes.

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